The Faculty Of Pharmacy And A Distinguished Role In Community Service

The Faculty Of Pharmacy Distinguished Role In Community Service


The Faculty of Pharmacy held a mini-training course in Clinical Pharmacy this morning, which included a number of Benghazi Medical Center pharmacists, to train them to develop treatment plans for vascular, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

The course, which comes within the College of Pharmacy program for social responsibility, was presented by Dr. Hana Habib, specialized in clinical pharmacy, through the adoption of a \”team-based learning\” method known as TBL, which is adopted by the College of Pharmacy among other educational programs in the education and training of its students according to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm) program D).

It is worth noting that the “team-based learning” method known as TBL depends on conducting individual tests for students at the beginning, then they are divided into two teams and they conduct (the team test) in which they consult and agree on the test answers, then they meet with the faculty members, and offer them the answers That they agreed upon, and members of the teaching staff undertake a comparison of students ’answers with the correct answers, which contributes to deepening the understanding of the scientific content of lectures, discussion panels, and laboratories during the whole week, and in the last stage of TBL sessions, students enter the Case Application to discuss some pathological cases of For faced.

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